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Geezer World is the social newsletter for, well… Geezers.

Do You Belong Here?
A Man Nearing Sixty?
You’ll probably see your future but you won’t relate to us… yet.

Over Fifty?
You are beginning to feel the transition and we might give you some comfort and insight.
Over Forty?
You won’t understand us at all but we may help you understand your parents.
Under Forty?
Move along kid. Enjoy your innocence while you can.
A Woman?
You will get many insights into the ageless male psyche!

Let’s get on with it…

They say “Sixty-five is the new forty-five.”  Sort of… Certainly the average sixty-five year old guy today is very different from the men of our fathers’ and grandfathers’ generations.  In those past generations most men were “worn out” by sixty. They were ready for a rocker or the grave. Yesterday’s Geezers were those old guys with little life left in them.

Today we Geezers are part of a huge baby-boomer generation of well educated post-WW2 guys. As we pass our sixties we are guys with many healthy and active years ahead of us.

Why “Geezers”?
Because we realize we are different.
We are at the end of middle age but not “old” in the sense of useless and helpless.
We have experienced first-hand a very rich period of history, a period of vast changes in cultures and technologies. Those experiences give us a valuable perspective on life unavailable to those born after us.
Instead of struggling to pretend we are forty-five we are discovering it is actually very enjoyable to “be ourselves” and to reap the benefits we have earned.

The term “Geezer” reflects the modern reality of our demographic; we are generally healthy, slowing down slightly, but still very active, willing and able to experience the world around us.

  • We may not free-climb El Capitan but we will climb a pyramid.
  • We may not hike the length of the Appalachian Trail but we will explore Gettysburg or Venice.
  • We may no longer play hardball but we are good for a good game of slow-pitch.
  • We may not build our own home but we are up for repainting it.
  • We may no longer race flat track bikes but we might spend hundreds of hours restoring a classic Chevy from our youth.
  • We will still play eighteen holes but now we use a cart… with a cooler.
  • We may no longer backpack through Europe sleeping in hostels but we will enrich our lives with guided tours of far-away places.

As Geezers we have learned many lessons and we understand how to get the best out of life.

Here at Geezer World we work hard to find and publish those items and ideas appropriate for our active demographic. These are ideas and stories of history, humor, sports, health and travel along with references to recommended products and services we think you might find of interest.  (However, if you’re looking for rocking chairs, this isn’t the place.)

The wonderful thing about our Geezer generation is that it is diverse and abuzz with opportunities and things to do… and our health allows us to do them. We at Geezer World do our best to supply the pieces.

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As our motto says, “…Gettin’ Older Ain’t for Sissies!” Sure, sometimes our lives hit rough spots, but we have learned to “shake ‘em off and keep movin’.”
We are a proud, experience-toughened bunch still excited about living life!
If that’s you too, Welcome Aboard!
(If it’s not, thanks for stopping by and come back any time!)